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Universal – Jan 17 2023 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Creative” genre for Bjork and FKA Twigs ARTPOP
“Duh!” OBVI
“Jaywalking” comedian LENO
“Let me add …” ALSO
“Ouch!” YEOW
“Salt, ___, Acid, Heat” (Samin Nosrat cookbook) FAT
“Same for us!” SODOWE
“That email is ready to go!” SENDIT
“That’s disgusting!” UGH
Amazed AWED
Apportion ALLOT
Appreciative word in a text THANX
Architect’s drafting tool PROTRACTOR
Avian symbol of peace DOVE
Avian symbols of wisdom OWLS
Background actors EXTRAS
Boxing ring call: Abbr TKO
Bring your ___ bottle OWN
Collared shirt POLO
Completely quiet DEADSILENT
Congressional “yes” AYE
Dark hours, informally NITE
Driver’s licenses, e.g IDS
Empire State sch NYU
Exploding star? DIVA
Fairy-tale fiend OGRE
FiveThirtyEight founder Silver NATE
Form of dance for Savion Glover TAP
Four-time Grand Slam singles champion Naomi OSAKA
Gave a hand, in a way DEALT
Genre related to rocksteady SKA
Get more mature AGE
Grandma NANA
Hamilton’s bills TENS
Intertwine ENLACE
It saves TV shows DVR
It’s lit! FUSE
It’s rolled out for yoga MAT
Landscaper’s digging tool HANDSHOVEL
Light-colored beers: Abbr IPAS
Lightbulb unit WATT
Like many cold lattes ICED
Likelihood ODDS
Little mint TICTAC
Luca in Disney’s “Luca” or the kraken SEAMONSTER
Maker of Tater Tots OREIDA
Male deer STAG
Milk producer for Manchego cheese EWE
Name that sounds like a corned beef sandwich RUBEN
Not odd EVEN
Notions IDEAS
Objective GOAL
On a roller coaster, say RIDING
One-dimensional LINEAR
Pair DUO
Poem of dedication ODE
Popular pricing game on “The Price Is Right” PLINKO
Position, as troops DEPLOY
Prez’s right hand VEEP
Red herring or love triangle … or 16-, 30- or 46-Across? PLOTDEVICE
Rolled-up lunch WRAP
Show host EMCEE
Sounds of amazement OOHS
Spy’s recording tool HIDDENWIRE
Stops doing CEASES
Thinly distributed SPARSE
Thorny part of a rose STEM
Total SUM
Turn in a chair SWIVEL
Two-tone cookie OREO
Type of omelet that may have originated as a sandwich in the American West DENVER
Was aware KNEW
What a drummer keeps RHYTHM
Words of confession IDIDIT
Young fellas LADS
___ Taco (fast-food chain) DEL


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