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The Evening Standards Easy Crossword January 17 2023 Answers

The Evening Standards Easy Crossword January 17 2023 Answers:

Inexpensive 5 letters CHEAP
Panatella 5 letters CIGAR
Marine mammal 7 letters DOLPHIN
Wide 5 letters BROAD
Drying cloth 5 letters TOWEL
Start 5 letters BEGIN
Regulate 7 letters CONTROL
Actor’s signal 3 letters CUE
Epochs 4 letters ERAS
Trader 6 letters DEALER
Pallid 5 letters ASHEN
Needing company 6 letters LONELY
Japanese wrestling 4 letters SUMO
Cunning 3 letters SLY
TV screen 7 letters MONITOR
Loaded 5 letters LADEN
Be of use 5 letters AVAIL
Heathen 5 letters PAGAN
Major say 7 letters OFFICER
Stadium 5 letters ARENA
Garden flower 5 letters ASTER
Terror 6 letters HORROR
Adjusts 6 letters ADAPTS
Seedcase 3 letters POD
Glib talk 5 letters SPIEL
Native 7 letters CITIZEN
Privy to 4 letters INON
Broad street 6 letters AVENUE
Domineering 5 letters BOSSY
Prison rooms 5 letters CELLS
Child’s nursemaid 5 letters NANNY
Power 5 letters CLOUT
Mistake 5 letters ERROR
Fiend 5 letters DEMON
Forage crop 7 letters ALFALFA
Boy’s name 6 letters OLIVER
Indian instruments 6 letters SITARS
Spirit 6 letters MORALE
The press 5 letters MEDIA
Big cat 4 letters LION
Vegetable 3 letters PEA


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