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Universal Crossword November 19 2022 Answers

Universal Crossword November 19 2022 Answers:

Bygone birds 5 letters DODOS
Speak with a husky voice? 4 letters BARK
Hourly ___ 4 letters WAGE
Silly 5 letters INANE
Knowledgeable about 4 letters UPON
Mountain goat with curved horns 4 letters IBEX
Scatter (about) 5 letters STREW
Milanese luxury notebook brand 9 letters MOLESKINE
Jazz trumpeter Baker 4 letters CHET
Drink that might be hard or hot 10 letters APPLECIDER
Fit for consumption 6 letters EDIBLE
Place to de-stress 3 letters SPA
NYC clock setting 3 letters EST
Prime ministers e.g. 8 letters PREMIERS
___ Technica (online publication) 3 letters ARS
Honeybee homes 5 letters HIVES
Easter treats 9 letters CANDYEGGS
I’d like to see you try! 4 letters ASIF
Catherine Princess of ___ 5 letters WALES
Group with the most circulated magazine in the U.S. 4 letters AARP
Makes a quick trip? 9 letters TELEPORTS
Bottom-fermenting beer style 5 letters LAGER
Screw up 3 letters ERR
Maker of grand pianos 8 letters STEINWAY
Common top-level domain 3 letters ORG
Signs off on 3 letters OKS
Like a spy’s actions 6 letters COVERT
Off-putting impressions 10 letters WEIRDVIBES
Calf-length skirt 4 letters MIDI
Has lots of fun 9 letters LIVESITUP
I hear you 5 letters NOTED
Scrapes by with out 4 letters EKES
Paxton of Blonde 4 letters SARA
1993 Rookie of the Year Shaquille 5 letters ONEAL
Shade 4 letters TINT
Patron of the ___ 4 letters ARTS
Grammy-winning country singer Haggard 5 letters MERLE
Herniated ___ (back woe) 4 letters DISC
Increasingly popular 9 letters ONTHERISE
Person who thrives on excitement 9 letters DAREDEVIL
Payment not part of a subscription perhaps 10 letters ONETIMEFEE
Use a needle and thread 3 letters SEW
Vehicle a driver tries to crash 9 letters BUMPERCAR
Each 4 letters APOP
Dinner breads 5 letters ROLLS
Some skaters’ protection 8 letters KNEEPADS
Crowdsourced source of information 4 letters WIKI
Tolerate 5 letters ABIDE
Family hand-me-downs? 5 letters GENES
Apply as pressure or effort 5 letters EXERT
Hair-raising 5 letters SCARY
Top-fermenting beer style 3 letters ALE
Arm muscles casually 3 letters BIS
Old-school great 4 letters PHAT
Hawaiian red and Himalayan pink seasonings 5 letters SALTS
Jellyfish relative 10 letters SEAANEMONE
French phrase that translates to Is it not? 9 letters NESTCEPAS
Author of jokes 9 letters GAGWRITER
Real steal 9 letters GREATDEAL
Nimble 4 letters SPRY
Something needed for some business trips 8 letters WORKVISA
Pokes 5 letters PRODS
Tyler of The Lord of the Rings 3 letters LIV
Greek dawn goddess 3 letters EOS
Nocturnal baby bird 5 letters OWLET
Japanese energy healing 5 letters REIKI
Something taken for granted 5 letters GIVEN
Raga instrument 5 letters SITAR
Give it a ___! 4 letters REST
Reynolds of Boogie Nights 4 letters BURT
Not moving 4 letters IDLE
Cartoonish eating sound 3 letters NOM

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