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Universal Crossword January 17 2023 Answers

Universal Crossword January 17 2023 Answers:

Avian symbols of wisdom 4 letters OWLS
Avian symbol of peace 4 letters DOVE
Likelihood 4 letters ODDS
Two-tone cookie 4 letters OREO
Name that sounds like a corned beef sandwich 5 letters RUBEN
Sob 4 letters WEEP
Landscaper’s digging tool 10 letters HANDSHOVEL
Grandma 4 letters NANA
Eerie 6 letters SPOOKY
Light-colored beers: Abbr. 4 letters IPAS
It saves TV shows 3 letters DVR
Lightbulb unit 4 letters WATT
Stops doing 6 letters CEASES
It’s lit! 4 letters FUSE
Spy’s recording tool 10 letters HIDDENWIRE
Get more mature 3 letters AGE
Show host 5 letters EMCEE
___ Taco (fast-food chain) 3 letters DEL
Appreciative word in a text 5 letters THANX
Form of dance for Savion Glover 3 letters TAP
Notions 5 letters IDEAS
It’s rolled out for yoga 3 letters MAT
Apportion 5 letters ALLOT
Empire State sch. 3 letters NYU
Architect’s drafting tool 10 letters PROTRACTOR
Thorny part of a rose 4 letters STEM
One-dimensional 6 letters LINEAR
Ouch! 4 letters YEOW
Driver’s licenses e.g. 3 letters IDS
Male deer 4 letters STAG
Words of confession 6 letters IDIDIT
Dark hours informally 4 letters NITE
Red herring or love triangle …? 10 letters PLOTDEVICE
Was aware 4 letters KNEW
Four-time Grand Slam singles champion Naomi 5 letters OSAKA
Not odd 4 letters EVEN
Fairy-tale fiend 4 letters OGRE
Collared shirt 4 letters POLO
Young fellas 4 letters LADS
Sounds of amazement 4 letters OOHS
Rolled-up lunch 4 letters WRAP
Jaywalking comedian 4 letters LENO
Same for us! 6 letters SODOWE
Pair 3 letters DUO
Duh! 4 letters OBVI
Prez’s right hand 4 letters VEEP
Intertwine 6 letters ENLACE
Bring your ___ bottle 3 letters OWN
Completely quiet 10 letters DEADSILENT
Type of omelet that may have originated as a sandwich in the American West 6 letters DENVER
Thinly distributed 6 letters SPARSE
What a drummer keeps 6 letters RHYTHM
Genre related to rocksteady 3 letters SKA
That email is ready to go! 6 letters SENDIT
Little mint 6 letters TICTAC
Amazed 4 letters AWED
Salt ___ Acid Heat (Samin Nosrat cookbook) 3 letters FAT
That’s disgusting! 3 letters UGH
Luca in Disney’s Luca or the kraken 10 letters SEAMONSTER
Gave a hand in a way 5 letters DEALT
Position as troops 6 letters DEPLOY
Background actors 6 letters EXTRAS
FiveThirtyEight founder Silver 4 letters NATE
Congressional yes 3 letters AYE
Total 3 letters SUM
Maker of Tater Tots 6 letters OREIDA
Popular pricing game on The Price Is Right 6 letters PLINKO
On a roller coaster say 6 letters RIDING
Creative genre for Bjork and FKA Twigs 6 letters ARTPOP
Turn in a chair 6 letters SWIVEL
Poem of dedication 3 letters ODE
Let me add … 4 letters ALSO
Objective 4 letters GOAL
Exploding star? 4 letters DIVA
Like many cold lattes 4 letters ICED
Hamilton’s bills 4 letters TENS
Milk producer for Manchego cheese 3 letters EWE
Boxing ring call: Abbr. 3 letters TKO


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