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NetWord Crossword Answers January 17, 2023

Author: by Billie Truitt


Small retail store SHOP
Artist Salvador __ DALI
Sneakers and sandals SHOES
__ fish sandwich TUNA
Eve’s first home EDEN
Delighted HAPPY
Spanish cheers OLES
Bread package LOAF
“And the results __!” AREIN
Horse’s track record PASTPERFORMANCE
Evaluate RATE
Letter before tee ESS
Not outdoors INSIDE
Approximate landing hr. ETA
Wide belt SASH
Taxi-fare calculator METER
Intelligent SMART
Numbered hwy. RTE
The job you have now PRESENTPOSITION
56, in Roman numerals LVI
Diamonds and clubs, in a deck SUITS
Find out about LEARN
Cravings YENS
Low in humidity DRY
Northernmost state ALASKA
Gift label TAG
Salon colorist DYER
What data is kept on file for FUTUREREFERENCE
One-horned African beast RHINO
Jazz singer Fitzgerald ELLA
Gloom and __ (dire outlook) DOOM
Dad’s sisters AUNTS
“__ be wrong, but . . .” IMAY
Group of troops UNIT
The things here THESE
Jot down NOTE
Writing tools PENS


“Cut it out!” STOP
Hawaiian dance HULA
Lowest denomination bills ONES
Danishes and cream puffs PASTRIES
Erase, as computer files DELETE
Idolize ADORE
Piece of lettuce LEAF
Useful facts, for short INFO
Dishonest imitations SHAMS
Bother persistently HARASS
Unlock OPEN
Majestic story EPIC
“Auld Lang __” SYNE
Military chaplains PADRES
Raises, as a child REARS
Suggest indirectly IMPLY
Audacity NERVE
Beer mug STEIN
Containing nothing EMPTY
New Mexico art center TAOS
Opera solos ARIAS
Bird on birth announcements STORK
Reddish hair dye HENNA
Mix with a spoon STIR
Farm machine for plowing TILLER
Gentle push NUDGE
Began to cry TEAREDUP
Daredevil feats STUNTS
Sailor’s assent AYEAYE
Stood up AROSE
C sharp equivalent DFLAT
Campus club, for short FRAT
“Nope!” UHUH
Fork prong TINE
Equestrian’s strap REIN
Ticklish red Muppet ELMO
“__ of your business!” NONE
Nickel or dime COIN
Ambulance team: Abbr. EMTS


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