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Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 4 2022 Answers

Irish News Cryptic Crossword November 4 2022 Answers:

Tell us if Tony is upset 6 letters NOTIFY
One boy goes to post office for lethal stuff 6 letters POISON
No temporary goodbye gesture for a hairdo (94) 13 letters
The point where nothing further can be expected 7 letters EXTREME
Drive one politician to the Spanish 5 letters IMPEL
Would reform if saw abandoned children 5 letters WAIFS
A place of oblivion for some humble theologians 5 letters LETHE
Hurried back in home-made carriage 5 letters RACED
Loud complaint of 150 having love affair 7 letters CLAMOUR
Twice gain men wrongly through partly indelicate ambiguity (67) 13 letters
The deity that took a seat on a vessel 6 letters SATURN
Iris gets no return on large bottle 6 letters FLAGON
Youngster who pinches 6 letters NIPPER
Look up the bill and make good use of it (427) 13 letters
Passion brings renown about fifty 5 letters FLAME
Survive emerging full of power 7 letters OUTLIVE
Unscrupulous filming of marksmanship? 13 letters
Irritate the French with poverty 6 letters NEEDLE
How many were observed about five? 5 letters SEVEN
Crook like Nero? 7 letters FIDDLER
They won’t be missed any longer 6 letters BRIDES
A rogue in the southern army quarters 5 letters SCAMP
Monster will continue tediously 6 letters DRAGON
Be of use to a number who are ill 5 letters AVAIL


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