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Free Themed Crossword January 17 2023 Answers

Best Free Themed Crossword January 17 2023 Answers:

Fusilli for one 5 letters PASTA
What gunfighters facing off do 4 letters DRAW
Belief systems 4 letters ISMS
Bay window 5 letters ORIEL
Setting of The Music Man 4 letters IOWA
Popular gas in Vegas 4 letters NEON
Part of an organ or steel guitar 5 letters PEDAL
Regular payments to the country club 4 letters DUES
River of Florence 4 letters ARNO
Motor oil standard: abbr. 3 letters SAE
Krusty the Clown associate 11 letters SIDESHOWBOB
With angry passion 5 letters HOTLY
Nutrition inits. 3 letters RDA
People of person e.g. 6 letters PLURAL
Two words preceding Go! 8 letters READYSET
Choir support 5 letters RISER
Catches flies in baseball practice 5 letters SHAGS
401(k) alternative 3 letters IRA
Absorbed by 4 letters INTO
Changes direction 5 letters VEERS
Month before Nisan 4 letters ADAR
Comedian Brooks 3 letters MEL
Suddenly popular as a Twitter post 5 letters VIRAL
Sacred poetically 5 letters BLEST
Book introductions 8 letters PREFACES
Private teacher’s students 6 letters TUTEES
Superlative ending 3 letters EST
___ Frankenstein (sequel) 5 letters SONOF
Distracted 11 letters SIDETRACKED
In shape 3 letters FIT
Nickname of Yankee third baseman 4 letters AROD
Just 4 letters ONLY
The African Queen river pest 5 letters LEECH
Mouthful 4 letters BITE
Air show stunt 4 letters LOOP
Jerry Lewis for telethons 5 letters EMCEE
Manipulative type 4 letters USER
Chip in 4 letters ANTE
Kama ___ 5 letters SUTRA
Fiedler’s Boston Orchestra 4 letters POPS
Bailiwick 4 letters AREA
Way to make a little extra money 10 letters SIDEHUSTLE
Chai or chamomile 3 letters TEA
AL/NL game that featured 56-across 14 times 7 letters ALLSTAR
Sean Combs’ nickname 5 letters DIDDY
Womanizer 4 letters ROUE
Amazes 4 letters AWES
Cloths for cleaning dirty faces 8 letters WASHRAGS
Kind of 6 letters INAWAY
Citizen of Belgrade 4 letters SERB
Prefix with tone or gram 4 letters MONO
Stuck-up type 4 letters SNOB
Under the weather 3 letters ILL
Three-to-one maybe 4 letters ODDS
Creme-filled cookie 4 letters OREO
Preen 5 letters PRIMP
Word with head or eye 5 letters LINER
Ostrich relatives 5 letters RHEAS
Lester’s Flatt & Scruggs partner 4 letters EARL
Nausea after taking a pill e.g. 10 letters SIDEEFFECT
Wipe away 5 letters ERASE
Little pies 5 letters TARTS
Very dry 4 letters SERE
78rpm record player 8 letters VICTROLA
Charlie Parker’s sax 4 letters ALTO
Extensive 4 letters VAST
Packages 7 letters BUNDLES
Bird-seed holder 6 letters FEEDER
Lower digit 3 letters TOE
Videoconferencing app 5 letters SKYPE
Movie Elephant Boy 4 letters SABU
Easter flower 4 letters IRIS
Show excessive love with on 4 letters DOTE
Unknown auth. attribution 4 letters ANON
Coagulate 4 letters CLOT
Cake decorator 4 letters ICER
Take ___ Train: Ellington 4 letters THEA
Ostrich relative 3 letters EMU


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