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Daily Quick Crossword January 17 2023 Answers

Best Daily Quick Crossword January 17 2023 Answers:

Civil disorder 4 letters RIOT
Irish clover 8 letters SHAMROCK
Sweetened 7 letters SUGARED
Belong 5 letters FITIN
Many times 5 letters OFTEN
Puzzle 6 letters ENIGMA
Remained 6 letters STAYED
Dried plums 6 letters PRUNES
Emblem 6 letters SYMBOL
Burn fiercely 5 letters BLAZE
Muggy 5 letters HUMID
Left out 7 letters OMITTED
Seasickness 8 letters MALDEMER
Jab nudge 4 letters PROD
Answer 8 letters RESPONSE
Should 5 letters OUGHT
Concealed 6 letters HIDDEN
Civilian dress 5 letters MUFTI
Low stuffed seat 7 letters OTTOMAN
Monarch 4 letters KING
European country 6 letters FRANCE
Moved up 8 letters ASCENDED
Very bad 7 letters ABYSMAL
Burrowing animal 6 letters RABBIT
Recess 6 letters ALCOVE
Move 5 letters BUDGE
Change 5 letters ALTER
Pal 4 letters CHUM


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